Was listening to the new Fast 6 trailer and the music reminded me of my racing days.

Back when I used to race my '91 Laser RS, I had 2 tunes that -had- to be played when in competition

Prodigy-Breathe: When starting a TSD Rally, this was cranked as soon as the starter waved the flag for us to GO. I can still remember my brother navigating in the passenger seat, shouting the course notes over the music, and both of us with a huge grin on our face as we hit the first corner, pulled the hand brake and hung the tail out.

Rob Zombie - Dragula: Autocross. I'd sit at the start of the course, with this on the tape deck of my Laser, with the song cued up to 0:52 then hit play when the starter flagged me on to the course. Won my class in that year so I think it helped

Anyone else have -specific- songs that must be played when racing?